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For a list of Xiphos models, see Portal:Xiphos series.

The Xiphos series is a line of solid body electric guitars produced for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The first Xiphos models were introduced in 2007.

While the Xiphos bears some resemblance to the Destroyer series and other X-shaped guitars Ibanez has offered, it has a unique body shape. It is the first completely X-shaped guitar offered by Ibanez since the initial Axstar models in 1985. The Xiphos is part of the Ibanez X series which is how Ibanez has classified their radically shaped guitars since 1983.

Most Xiphos models fit in the X series "700 series" mold of guitars with a neck-through-body construction, mahogany body wings, DiMarzio D Activator pickups and a Gibraltar Custom bridge (or Edge III tremolo).

The tremolo-equipped XPT700 was the first XP. A hard-tailed version was introduced a year later as the XPT700FX, as well as the seven-string XPT707FX. The first more affordable model was introduced in 2009 as the XP300FX.

The XPT700XH introduced in 2009 has the most unique feature on a XP production model to date, namely a 27-fret neck. An even more unique model is the 2010 Showcase limited production XP, the XPT1400TW a 6- and 7-string double neck guitar.

The XPIR20E introduced in 2015 is now part of the Iron Label series, featuring an ebony fretboard and EMG pickups.

In 2021 the Xiphos return for the Iron Label series line up with the models : XPTB720-BKF, & XPTB620-BKF.

Detailed views of the XPT700
Front (2007-2008)
Xpt side 09.jpg
Front (2009-2010)
Xpt700 3.jpg
Neck joint (2007-2008)
Neck joint (2009-2010)