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The VelveTune or Velve-Tune is a style of machine head or tuning peg installed on a number of mostly higher end Ibanez guitar models. They are produced for Ibanez by Gotoh.

The VelveTune tuners have a diecast housing and a unique modified kidney shape. They have a knurled thumbscrew on the shaft just below the button that allows quick and easy adjustment of tenstion. They feature a dual-slot post which allows a variety of string wrap styles. The 17:1 gear ratio allows for increased tuning accuracy.

The VelveTune II, also known as Velve-Tune Mini II was introduced in 1978 with a slightly smaller housing and a 18:1 gear ratio.

An update in 1982 eliminated the thumbscrew tension adjustment in favor of a fully sealed design to eliminate lubricant leaks.

VelveTune description
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VelveTune II description
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1982 catalog[1]


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