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    That's it! Working with the Japan / USA / Europe / North.A Catalogs as a base of framework, all the 2012 and 2013 models are now fully documented. A big thanks to Deejayk who helped me a lot here.

    About 2013: a whole new line, the Iron Label series was introduced for the down-tunz maniacs, more 7/8-string models, and of course less extreme models like the SA or the ARZ are still here for good. 2013 is also the year the Edge Zero II has lost his ZPS system. Did it happen to all models at once since the beginning of 2013 or did it changed over the course of the year, that is the question. Feel free to share your view and talk about your favorite Ibanez on the forum!

    As you can guess, we're now moving t…

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