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The Tri-sound switch is the name Ibanez applied to a type of pickup modification.

The Tri-sound switch allows the player to access multiple "voices" of a humbucking pickup:

  1. as a serial-connected humbucker,
  2. as a single coil,
  3. as a parallel-connected humbucker.

Both the neck PU and the bridge PU may have their own independent switch, on top of the usual 3-way switch.

The feature is found on several Artist models, be it the solid body AR series or the semi/full hollow body Artstar series. It was introduced in the late 70's (for example the Ibanez PF-300 in 1978 or the MC-300 in 1979).

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Tri-sound details
Tri-sound switch 01.png
Typical switch position
Tri-sound switch 02.png
Switching diagram
Tri-sound description.jpg
Tri-sound switch wiring.jpg
Wiring diagram for Tri-sound switch


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