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Tight Tune bridge and tailpiece on a DN500K Red copyright sprite.png

The Tight Tune is a set containing a guitar bridge and a matching tailpiece designed and produced for Ibanez. It is used on various hard-tail guitar models, including the Darkstone series models on which it was introduced in 2009.

The tailpiece hold the strings and connects them to the guitar body while the bridge has Tune-O-Matic-style adjustable saddles which allow the strings to be intonated.

Both the Tight Tune bridge and tailpiece have improvements over earlier designs. They were designed to lock down securely to minimize any wobble or movement. Each saddle is locked to the baseplate of the bridge. The stud bolts which anchor the bridge to the body are locked onto the baseplate to ensure that the maximum vibration is transferred from the strings to the guitar body.[1]

Cutaway illustration showing the locking bridge post Enlarge sprite.png


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