Tight-End R
The Tight-End R (six-string) bridge Enlarge sprite

The Tight-End R is a type of fixed guitar bridge designed and produced for Ibanez. It was designed specifically for the RG flat top body and is based on the Tight-End bridge design. It was introduced in 2012.

The Tight-End R offers an improvement over the conventional fixed bridge, delivering both play-ability and rock-solid stability. The saddles are firmly locked onto the base plate to maximize string vibration transmitted to the body. The smooth bridge surface protects the strumming hand no matter how aggressively you play. Simple saddle height and intonation adjustments ensure accurate set-up.[1]

Tight-End R 7
The Tight-End R-7 bridge Enlarge sprite

In addition to the standard 6-string bridge, a version for seven-string guitars, the Tight-End R-7, is also produced. The seven-string variant was introduced in 2013 and other than the number of strings, the design is identical.

The Tight-End R is widely considered the solidest and most reliable hard-tail bridge offered on Ibanez guitars.


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