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I've reverted your recent changes to AR100 (1990–1992) and AR300 (1990–1992). The convention at the wiki is to document the years in which a guitar is OFFERED, not the years in which it is PRODUCED. It is well understood that November and December production is for the next model year since it takes some time for these guitars to work their way through the supply chain and Ibanez tends to introduce their new models at the Winter NAMM show in January.

That said, we're working with limited information, particularly the further we go back chronologically. If you have a source that shows that either of these models was actually introduced and made available for sale prior to 1990, I'd love to see that.‎

As for your changes to the AR30, I've reverted those for now since the formatting got completely botched. I'm in the process of validating the changes you made and fixing what may need to be fixed. I get your point about the sen body, which does seem to be unique to this model. Again, if you have a good source for any of the the changes you made, that would be most helpful.<ac_metadata title="Your recent changes"> </ac_metadata>