• I got an RG750 for free, but the Edge tremolo broke where it meets the mounting stud. I don't normally play guitars in this style, so I don't want to drop $200+ on a new Floyd Rose. Any suggestions on a replacement bridge that won't break the bank? I'm open to new or used, just not sure what to look for that will fit. I the locking pieces that attach to the nut also need replaced, so any advice on those would be great as well! Much thanks in advance!

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    • Your best bet is probably to find a used Edge or Lo-Pro Edge trem online (they both fit the same rout). If you can find one I'd expect to pay in the US$100–200 range. My second option would be a Gotoh GE1996T, which will drop into an Edge rout. You can find the Gotoh trem new in the $120 range (if you're in the US, Philadelphia Luthier Tools seems to have the best prices). The quality of these exceeds anything from Floyd Rose. If you decide to go the Gotoh route, you'll want to get the 36mm block.

      As for the nut your best bet is to look at the Ibanez parts catalog to determine exactly which parts you need. If it's the pressure pads only, those run about $16 each. You can get an entire Top-Lok III assembly for around $60. Once you have the part number of what you need you can order parts from a local Ibanez dealer or just do an online search for the part number to see if you can find a better price. I don't know of any non-OEM source for nut parts.

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