• I'm thinking about buying this guitar. It's going for a little under 200 bucks (exchange rate fluctuates)

    Serial number decoder tells me its mfg 2003 but not much more. F0103029 Any insights?

    RG front
    RG headstamp
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    • You're right that this is a 2003 model. The "F" in the SN indicates it was made by FujiGen in Japan, so that makes it a terrific buy at US$200 regardless of the model.

      As far as what model it is, that's harder to say. I don't know of any 2003 model that matches these specs. Closest thing would be the RG170DX, but that was made in Indonesia. There are very few Japanese-made RGs with Strat-style trems. Most likely it's a mutt with a body from one model (perhaps an RG170?) mated to a guitar from a different model. The trem and the knobs are likely aftermarket parts.

      It could be a decent guitar and at $200 even if it's junk you'll be fine. The neck alone is worth over half that.

       \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 18:27, April 14, 2020 (UTC)

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    • I don't have a good feeling about it. Are there any Team J-Craft necks that aren't 5 piece? There have been fake Team J-Craft stamps for years. With that trem it makes it an even cheaper guitar so $200 is probably all it's worth, and not any kind of bargain.

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    • I didn't buy it. The seller was really terrible about timely answers and just came across cagey in general.

      I ended up going with a really cheap Yamaha. Pretty sure no one is faking low end Yamahas and this is a "I haven't picked up a guitar in 15 years, can I get back into it?" project.

      Still dream of owning a nice Ibanez some day. Maybe in a year or so if I'm actually still playing every day.

      Back when I did play more regularly, a buddy of mine had a JEM that was the nicest thing I ever played. It was one of the ones with the vine inlay on the fretboard. Really nice.

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