• This is not mine, but I found the mysterious serial iron lebel on the auction site
    Screenshot 2020-03-27-12-57-49-724 com.kouzoh.mercari

    What does Indonesia with only five letters of numbers mean? This model is RGIR28FE, and the KTS rod is only in the neck in 2013, so we want to check for it. Also, the bridge made in 2013 seems to be equipped with Gibraltar -8. It seems that it has been changed to Gibraltar II -8 since 2014, but when I Googled, I could not tell the difference in appearance between the 2 bridges. What do you think? Could it simply be that Indonesia's work is too lazy?

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    • Most likely explanation is that the rest of the digits of that serial number have been removed. One possibility is that it's a factory second, in which case the original SN is typically removed and a new one with a different format is applied — although in that case the neck is typically also stamped with an "S". Another possibility is that someone scraped off parts of the serial number to hamper identification, for example if the guitar were stolen. The most innocent possibility is that the paint somehow just didn't adhere in those particular spots or that the owner just scraped off part of the number out of boredom.

      Whatever the case, I can be pretty confident that this guitar didn't leave the Ibanez factory looking like this. I'd avoid it myself, but if you are thinking of buying it be aware that resale value is going to be impacted by this issue and pay accordingly.

       \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 14:34, March 27, 2020 (UTC)

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