• Hello from Germany,

    i bought this guitar 1980 (now 40 yeras ago), but i cant find the receipt anymore. I bougt it in Germany, the Serial-number is H790990. Which means it is built in Japan, 1979, August. I dont know what serie it is. I looked at all the catalogues from this time, but cant find it.

    can anyone help? thanks a lot Tom

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    • Good question. I also haven't seen anything in any catalogs that matches this guitar. Some of the details, like the headstock shape, are unlike anything I've seen with an Ibanez logo.

      The closest match I can come up with is the "Stinger series" which was sold under the Cimar brand. The headstock on those is close, but still not a complete match.

      I'm not an expert on these older Ibanez guitars. I'd suggest two resources you might try to find some more info:

       \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 19:09, January 23, 2020 (UTC)

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    • Hi Deejayk, thanks anyway for your informations, it Seams to be quite difficult to find out. bit i will try via the adresses you gave me. thanks very much from Germany

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