• Hello all new to the forum!

    I am hoping somebody here can help, I am trying to restore a 1982 George Benson GB10 that I was able to get a great deal on. The original owner purchased it as a project guitar and gave up halfway through the restoration as they came to the conclusion they would never complete the project! I'd like to ideally use original vintage parts vs new parts from Ibanez (if possible!).

    Parts I'm hunting for are:

    - Full set of Tuning keys - Pick Guard with mounting hardware - Neck Pickup - Speed Knobs

    I have already been looking on Reverb and E-bay with no success to date!

    Thank you in advance, any help is appreciated!

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    • Those old parts can be tricky to find. Here are a couple of resources I would point you to:

      1. Ibanez Collectors World forum
      2. Ibanez Vintage Guitars Facebook group
      3. Repro Guitar Parts
      4. Mr. Ibanez (a.k.a. Orval Engling)

      Good luck with the search!

       \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 14:52, August 27, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Thank you so much DeeJayK!! Much appreciated!:)

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    • Score!! I was able to get the Speed Knobs and some strap buttons from Repro Guitar parts!

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    • DeeJayK you are a star!! I have already have a lead to a NOS bridge and Pickups via Ibanez Collectors World Forum. Your recommendations are truly appreciated!!!

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    • If you go to an ibanez distributor they can order a new pickguard. My pickups were corroded and I took them to a bumper replating company and they cleaned them up and nickel plated them. Then took to a gold replater and got them gold plated and had the tailpiece plated at the same time. Turned out very well using the original parts.

      Before repairs...

      IMG 7573
      IMG 7590
      IMG 7589

      And after...

      Screenshot 20191115-134530 Gallery
      IMG 7628
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    • Mines a 1978 model.

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    • A FANDOM user
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