• IBZ Flying V...this is a "Law Suit" guitar knock off of the Gibson. A vintage circa mid-1970s Ibanez Flying V style electric guitar with case. Not really sure how old it is...could be earlier. I am second owner since 1982. Ebony fingerboard with a high gloss red mahogany neck/body, as well as killer EMG active pickups, and a white pickguard. The included black hardshell case has a golden yellow fabric lining. The mystery of this guitar is why the manufacturer's label on the headstock placard has an "IBZ" on it... instead of the name Ibanez in cursive?? You will not find another Ibanez flying V with this same headstock placard listed worldwide! I remember it having black plastic stickers for serial numbers, but as a dumb 12 yr old...I never cared for them properly and are missing :(
    IMG 20190724 135337391
    IMG 20190724 135406735
    IMG 20190724 135337391
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    • Nice guitar! This would be a Model 2387 (or 2387DX if it has a set-in neck). I've never seen one with the "IBZ" truss rod, either — only with the script Ibanez logo or blank. I wonder if that is something that could have been customized by the previous owner?

      I'm curious about the serial number stickers you mention. I'm only aware of SNs being either stamped on the headstock or on the neck plate in this era. The first SN stickers I know of are from the late '80s.

      Here are links to a couple of catalog images:

       \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 04:14, August 26, 2019 (UTC)

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