• I just got my first guitar. It's a JS140. I'm pretty excited about it, but I have no idea how to play it. :)

    Here's my sweet axe!


    Does anyone have any suggestions about how to learn guitar online? What is better? Should I sign up for one of those guitar lesson websites like these or should I just try to find some Youtube videos and learn things that I'm interested in? I have no idea where to start.

    How did you guys first start learning guitar? Also, do you think the JS140 is a good starter guitar? Not that I am going to return it or anything, but I'm just curious to hear what you think of it.

    originally posted by Timtheshredder; 20:33, November 5, 2018‎

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    • A JS140 is a solid guitar. It wouldn't be my first choice for a beginner simply because of the tremolo. I feel like those completely new to guitar are better served with a fixed bridge guitar just because it's a simpler design. A tremolo adds some complexity to the system and my fear is twofold: 1) that a beginner might spend time futzing with the trem that would be more productive learning the basics, and 2) that the nuances of tuning and maintaining a tremolo may be frustrating. That said, it's a very sexy guitar and just the appeal of playing like your guitar hero(es) is probably enough to offset any downsides of the added complexity. I would suggest at least removing the tremolo arm at the beginning to allow you to focus more on the basics.

      In terms of learning, there are SO many resources out there. I would suggest starting with YouTube videos, simply because the cost is minimal (a few seconds of your time spent watching commercials). One channel I find quite good for beginners especially is Justin Guitar. I find Justin to offer great instruction and you'll find a decent variety of songs. But there are TONs of other similar YouTube instructors out there and I'm confident at least one of them has a teaching style that will work for you. Just search almost any song you want to play on YouTube and add "guitar" or "play-through" or "tutorial" and you'll usually find at least one hit.

      Once you've got a few simple songs under your belt, you'll want to learn to read tablature and chord diagrams. Once you have that down you can search Google or Ultimate Guitar and find tabs for just about any song you can think of.

      You will probably come to a point sooner or later where live instruction will be very beneficial to move your skills along, but the Internet is a great place to get started in learning.

      Good luck!  \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 15:57, November 6, 2018 (UTC)

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    • Wow, I started out getting a Learn to play guitar package ( But would highly recommend against that for anyone else was a waste of money) then by accident I found a guy just starting a lesson site and he was awesome but sadly not enough people signed up for membership but there were tons of people getting free stuff and watching our free podcasts. Let me look through all my stuff I have and see if I have any videos or lesson tablature etc. I am sure I can gather up a grip of stuff to help you get started at least. One other thing in case I missed it, what style of music you wanting to play? Metal, rock, classical, ? That will help me be sure to get you stuff that suits your style, I learned if you are learning the style you love you will practice much more then if you are playing stuff that is not so much your style.

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