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<includeonly><table class="messagebox" style="border-left:8px solid {{#if:{{{background|}}}|{{{background}}}|#221111}}">
{| style="width:100%"
|align="center"|<div style="width:60%; text-align:left; background-color:#{{{background|CCCCCC}}}">
<TD style="width:40px">{{#ifeq:{{{image|}}}||[[File:I icon.png|40px]]|[[File:{{{image}}}|40px|link={{{filelink|File:{{{image}}}}}}]]}}</TD>
{| style="height:100px; padding:5px;"
<TD>{{#if:{{{title|}}}|'''{{{title}}}'''<br>}}{{{text1}}} {{#if:{{{text2|}}}|''{{{text2}}}''}}</TD>
|<font size="4"><b>{{{title}}}</b></font><br>{{{text1}}}<br><font size="1">{{{text2}}}</font>
[[Category:Pages with a Messagebox]]</includeonly><noinclude>

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{{ Info1.png }} Template documentation: Messagebox [edit] [purge]

This documentation is transcluded from Template:Messagebox/doc.

This messagebox template can be used to create standard messageboxes for templates.

This code should be used for creating a messagebox on a template page:


The title parameter is for the actual message in short, text1 should give more information for visitors, text2 should give some editing instructions. A special image for a template messagebox can be used and created: preferably square, it will be displayed with a with of 80px. If no image is defined a standard image will be used. A special background color can be defined with the background parameter. If not defined, a standard gray will be used.


|title=This page needs a haircut
|text1=Content on this is page is outdated and needs revision.


Haircut.jpg This page needs a haircut
Content on this is page is outdated and needs revision.