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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Colorname. It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.
Warning1.png This template is phased out!
Usage of this template in guitar model page speclists is phased out in favor of normal wiki markup. It will not be updated anymore. Do not use this template anymore on new pages. Visit Forum:Guitar models:Phasing out the usage of the color template in speclists for more info

This template replaces the color abbreviation for the full name.

How does it work?

This code: {{colorname|BTB}}

Burnt Transparent Blue

For finishes with the same abbreviations an extra number is added.

Already added:

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z


AB Atlantic Blue
ABB Atlantic Blue Burst
AL Autumn Leaf
AM Amber
AMB Amber Burst
ANT Aged Natural
AP Aged Plaster
ATB Antique Burst
ATF Antique Burst Flat
AV Antique Violin


BA Blonde Amber
BAM Bio Armor
BAR Blue Arctic Frost
BB [1] Blackberry
BB [2] Blazer Blue
BB [3] Blue Burst
BB [4] Blueberry
BB [5] Bright Blue Burst
BBB Bright Blue Burst
BBC Blackberry Cayman
BBK Biker's Black
BBL Bright Blue
BBS Blackberry Sunburst
BC Black Cherry
BCM Blue Chameleon
BG Blade Gray
BH [1] Black Hall
BH [2] Black Haze
BFP Blue Floral Pattern
BK Black
BKC Black Cayman
BKD Black Blonde
BKF Black Flat
BKN Black Night
BL Blue
BLH Blue Haze
BLB Blue Moon Burst
BLS Blue Sunburst
BMB Beam Blue
BNC Brown Cayman
BP Black Pearl
BR [1] Blood Red
BR [2] Bright Red Burst
BRD Brick Red
BRS [1] Black Red Sunburst
BRS [2] Brown Stain
BS Brown Sunburst
BSB Burnt Stained Blue
BT Butterscotch Transparent
BTB Burnt Transparent Blue
BTN Bluestone
BU Blue
BWH Beehive White
BX Black Onyx


CA Candy Apple
CAM Camouflage
CB [1] Caribbean Blue
CB [2] Cosmic Blue
CBK Cubed Black Pewter
CBL Cubed Blue
CC Condensed Cream
CDO Crashed Deep Ocean
CDR Crashed Dark Ruby
CE Canal Dark Blue
CG [1] Café Grey
CG [2] Cayman Green
CG [3] Champage Gold
CH Chrome
CK Cosmo Black
CKF Charcoal Black Flat
CLM Cosmic Blue Mica
CM [1] Copper Metallic
CM [2] Coral Mist Metallic
CM [3] Crimson Metallic
CN Charcoal Brown
CP Coral Pink
CPK Cyber Pink
CR Cranberry Red
CRK Cherry Black
CRS Cherry Red Sunburst
CS Cherry Sunburst
CSM Cobweb Silver Metallic


DAM Dark Amber
DAS Dark Amber Sunburst
DBK Deep Black
DBL Deep Blue
DBS Dark Brown Sunburst
DG Dark Gray
DHS Dark Honey Sunburst
DMN Dark Misty Night
DRF Dark Red Stained Flat
DR Deep Red
DRD Deep Red
DRS Dark Red Sunburst
DSB Dark Sunset Burst
DVF Deep Violet Flat
DVS Dark Violin Sunburst
DY Desert Sun Yellow


EB Electric Blue
EG [1] Emerald Green
EG [2] Evening Glow
EPK Eighties Pink


FA Fire Alarm Red
FB [1] Fire Spark Blue
FB [2] Fountain Blue
FBL Flaked Blue
FE Fire Agate
FGR Flaked Green
FOF Flare Orange Flat
FP Floral Pattern
FRO Frozen Ocean


GA [1] Gold Amber
GA [2] Green Apple
GAB Gold Amber Burst
GAR Gold Arctic Frost
GCM Grey Chameleon
GD Gold
GFB Gravure Flame Blue
GFP Gravure Flame Purple
GFR Gravure Flame Red
GFT Gravure Flame Tobacco
GK Galaxy Black
GKF Galaxy Black Flat
GM [1] Gray Metallic
GM [2] Green Metallic
GM [3] Gun Metallic
GMC Green Multi Color
GN Gray Nickel
GP Gray Pewter
GR Green
GRC Green Cayman
GSF Green Shadow Flat
GW Galaxy White


HAM Honey Amber
HBK Himalayan Black
HBT Heritage Burst
HG Hesonite Garnet
HNG Honey Gold
HP Heather Pearl
HS Honey Sunburst


IB Ice Blue
IP Iron Pewter
IPP Iron Purple
IPT Iron Pewter
IR Inferno Red
ISH Invisible Shadow
IV Ivory


JB Jewel Blue
JBB Jewel Burst Blue
JBF Jewel Blue Flat
JG Juniper Green
JM Jade Metallic
JPB Japan Black
JR Jewel Red
JW Jewel White


LB Lazer Blue
LBB Light Blue Burst
LBL Light Blue
LBT Lapis Blue Burst
LBU Light Blue
LD Lavender
LG Loch Ness Green
LIY Lime Yellow
LP Light Purple
LPM Light Purple Metallic
LR Lipstick Red
LRD Light Red
LS [1] Lavender Stain
LS [2] Light Sunburst
LT Light Teal


MA Magma
MB [1] Metallic Black
MB [2] Metallic Blue
MBK Metallic Black
MBL Marine Blue
MBZ Metallic Bronze
MC Multi Color
MD Mediterranean Green
MDV Metallic Dark Violet
MEK Melted Black
MG [1] Magenta
MG [2] Metallic Grape
MG [3] Metallic Gray
MG [4] Metallic Green
MGD Majestic Gold
MGF Metallic Gray Flat
MGS Metallic Gray Sunburst
MH Mahogany
MKI Metallic Khaki
MLB Metallic Light Blue
MOF Metallic Olive Flat
MOL Mahogany Oil
MR [1] Majestic Red
MR [2] Metallic Red
MR [3] Monza Red
MRB Mirage Blue
MRR Mirage Red
MRS Metallic Red Sunburst
MS Marine Sunburst
MSS Metallic Silver Sunburst
MSB Mystic Sea Green Burst
MW Moon Shadow
MWF Moon Shadow Flat


NBF Natural Brown Burst Flat
NBL Natural Blue
NF Natural Fade
NK Nude Pink
NM Navy Metallic
NN Night Navy
NSV Nineties Silver
NT Natural
NTF Natural Flat
NY Noble Gray


OL Oil Finish
OR Orange
OXF Ox Blood Flat


PA Purple Amethyst
PAM Powdery Amethyst Mica
PB Pale Blue
PBL Phantom Blue
PCM Purple Chameleon
PL Pearl White
PM Purple Metallic
PMC Purple Multi Color
PN Purple Neon
PP Purple Pearl
PPK Poisoned Pumpkin
PR Prominence
PS Pink Salmon
PSV Premium Silver
PW Pearl White


RAR Red Arctic Frost
RB [1] Root Beer
RB [2] Royal Blue
RBB Regal Brown Burst
RBE Red Bean
RBF Royal Blue Flat
RBK Roadrage Black
RBT Red Burst
RCM Red Chameleon
RD Red
RDO Red Optimus
RF Road Flare Red
RM [1] Raspberry Metallic
RM [2] Rootbeer Metallic
RMR Rock Mirror
ROM Roadster Orange Metallic
RPR Red Planet Red
RR Ruby Red
RRD Rubber Red
RRF Red Rock Flat
RS Red Spinel
RSW Red Shock Wave
RUF Rusty Glitter Flat
RV Royal Violet
RVF Red Viking Flat
RVK Red Viking
RW Royal Wine
RWN Royal Wine
RY Raspberry Red


SA Sangria
SAR Silver Arctic Frost
SB [1] Silky Blue
SB [2] Sky Blue
SB [3] Sovereign Blue
SB [4] Sunburst
SBK Spider Black
SBL Sparkle Blue
SDB Suede Black
SER Suede Red
SG Smoke Green
SGF Smoke Green Flat
SK Shocking Pink
SKB Sky Blue
SL Sparkling Lime
SLB [1] Silky Blue
SLB [2] Starlight Blue
SLG Silky Garnet
SLK Silky Black
SOL Stained Oil
SPB Sapphire Blue
SR [1] Safari Red
SR [2] Sunset Red
SS [1] Silver Smoke
SS [2] Sour Apple Sparkle
SSB Seventies Sunburst
SSW Silver Shock Wave
SV Silver
SVF Silver Flat
SVS See Through Violet Sunburst
SVW Silver Wolf


TA Transparent Aqua
TB Transparent Blue
TBB Transparent Blue Sunburst
TBS Transparent Blue Sunburst
TC Transparent Cherry
TCR Transparent Cherry
TDB [1] Transparent Dark Brown
TDB [2] Transparent Deep Blue
TEB Transparent Emerald Burst
TFB Trifade Burst
TG Transparent Gray
TGB Transparent Gray Burst
TGR Transparent Green
TGS Transparent Gray Sunburst
TGT Transparent Gray Flat
TK Transparent Black
TKF Transparent Black Flat
TKS Transparent Black Sunburst
TL Transparent Lavender
TLB Transparent Lavender Burst
TLF Transparent Lavender Flat
TP Transparent Purple
TQ Turquoise
TR Transparent Red
TRB Transparent Red Sunburst
TRF Transparent Red Flat
TRS Transparent Red Sunburst
TS Tobacco Sunburst
TSG Taped Stained Gray
TV [1] Traditional Violin
TV [2] Transparent Violet
TVF Transparent Violet Flat
TW Twilight Blue


VA Vintage Amber
VB Vintage Burst
VBE Vital Blue
VCB Vintage Cherry Burst
VCL Violet Crystal
VLF Violin Flat
VGD Vital Gold
VK Vampire Kiss
VM [1] Vermillion Metallic
VM [2] Violet Metallic
VP Violet Pearl
VSL Vital Silver
VV Vintage Violin


WBR Weathered Brown
WBY Weathered Burgundy
WH White
WK Weathered Black
WM White Metallic
WN Walnut
WNF Walnut Flat
WRS Wet Rose
WW Weathered White


YE Yellow
YL Yellow
YW Yellow


ZB Zinc Blue