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Warning1 This template is phased out!
Usage of this template in guitar model page speclists is phased out in favor of normal wiki markup. Do not use this template anymore on new pages. Visit Forum:Guitar models:Phasing out the usage of the color template in speclists for more info

The color template can be used for speclists. It puts the finish denomination in the right format. For instance {{color|ATF}} becomes ATF (Antique Burst Flat). In this case ATF is the finish code used in catalogs and Antique Burst Flat is the full name for that finish.

Full name

The full name is actually provided by another template: Template:Colorname. This template is embedded in the Color template code. Off course, all colors/finishes should be added first to Colorname before it works in both templates. If a full name isn't added to the Colorname template yet, the output of Color will be 'unknown', for example: ABC (unknown).


This template has an extra feature: a annotation can be added to a finish denomination by adding it as a second parameter, for example: ATF (Antique Burst Flat) (2007-2008) with {{color|ATF|(2007-2008)}} </noinclude>

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