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The TRS-101 is a double locking tremolo bridge. It is produced in Japan by Takeuchi Manufacturing based on a design licensed from Floyd Rose. It came equipped on several Ibanez electric guitars. It is sometimes referred to as the TRS101 (without the hyphen).

The TRS-101 is a double locking, floating tremolo with die cast saddles. The bridge is stamped and then hardened using heat treatment. It uses a traditional system of three springs and a claw to counteract string tension and return the bridge to the original position to maintain tuning stability. The design also relies on a locking nut.[1]

The TRS505 is a similar tremolo with a single locking design where the strings are retained at the saddles using the ball end. The Lo-TRS is a slight redesign of the TRS-101 which offers a lower profile. The TRT-1 is a similar, slightly cheaper version.

The TRS-101 has been used by several other manufacturers besides Ibanez, including Yamaha, Washburn, Jackson and Fernades. It is available in black, chrome and gold finishes.[1]


Diagrams & information
Exploded diagram of TRS-101 tremolo
2000 Ibanez Manual p2.jpg
TRS-101 adjustment information


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