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The TM1803M is a Talman series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in mid 2015. It represents the reintroduction of the series which had been discontinued in 1998. The TM1803M was made in Japan by FujiGen as part of the Prestige line.

The TM1803M features an alder body bolted to a maple neck with a 22-fret maple fingerboard with black dot position markers. Components include a retro-styled IFX-PRO fixed bridge, three Seymour Duncan single-coil pickups mounted in a black pickguard with a pair of Alnico II Pros flanking a Vintage Flat, a bone nut and Gotoh locking tuning machines.

The middle pickup is controlled by an independent volume pot and is not connected to the pickup selector switch. This allows the player to blend the middle pickup in with either or even both of the outer pickups and to dial in the amount of volume the middle pickup contributes to the tone.

Design elements

The headstock of the TM1803M features a straight-pull design, which allows the strings to come straight off the bone nut, eliminating the need for a string tree or a tilt-back design. The fretboard has a 12" (305mm) radius meaning it is flatter compared to traditional styled guitars from other brands which enhances the player's ability to bend notes and allows for a lower string action. The Fast Action neck joint improves access to the upper frets.

Related models

The TM1702M is a similar model without the middle pickup. The TM1803M differs from the three-pickup TM1730M in that that TM1803M's middle pickup is controlled not by a 5-way lever (as on the more typical setup of the TM1730M), but rather by a separate volume control; in addition the TM1730M has a synchronized tremolo.

A new Butterscotch Blonde finish was added in mid 2016.[1]

The TM1803M was discontinued after 2017 along with all of the Talman models in the Prestige line.


Specifications for TM1803M
Model name: TM1803M
Year(s) produced: 2015–2017
Sold in: Asia 2017 only / Europe 2017 only / USA
Made in: Japan
Finish(es): Butterscotch Blonde (BCD) 2016–2017 / Tri Fade Burst (TFB)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
Neck joint:
Fast Access w/ stainless plate
IFX-PRO fixed
Hardware color:
Chrome/ black knobs
Neck type:
Talman Classic-Plus
Neck material:
1-piece maple
Scale length:
648mm/ 25½"
Fingerboard material:
Fingerboard inlays:
Black dot
22 / medium
Machine heads:
Gotoh SG360 MG-T locking
Electronics/ Strings
Pickup configuration:
Bridge pickup:
Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro (S)
Middle pickup:
Seymour Duncan Vintage Flat (S)
Neck pickup:
Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro (S) covered
2 volume / 1 tone / 3-way toggle
String gauge (factory):


2017 TM1803M BCD 00 01
TM1803M Butterscotch Blonde Red copyright sprite


Talman Prestige Series Overview

Talman Prestige Series Overview

Talman TM1803M Prestige

Talman TM1803M Prestige

The Ibanez Talman featuring Gary Jannaman

The Ibanez Talman featuring Gary Jannaman


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