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The T1502 is a type of synchronized tremolo bridge produced for Ibanez by Gotoh. It was introduced in 2018 along with the AZ series.

The T1502 is a dual-point tremolo with a pair of studs mounted in the guitar body upon which a knife edge rests forming the fulcrum on which the tremolo pivots. The height of the bridge can be adjusted by turning the mounting studs in or out; the studs are non-locking.

The bridge has six independent steel saddles the height of which can be adjusted using two small allen screws in the leading edge. Intonation of each string is adjusted with a screw through the back of the tremolo plate into the saddle. The string spacing is 10.5mm for an E-to-E spread of 2-1/8" (54mm). The studs are spaced at 56mm. A 42mm deep die-cast zinc sustain block extends beneath the bridge.

The 5.5mm diameter removable stainless steel arm is retained by a nylon collar which allows for tension adjustment.

The design of the T1502 is based on the venerable Gotoh 510T tremolo. The T1502 is used on the AZ242BC among other models.

The T1802 is a similar tremolo with titanium saddles and a machined steel block.


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