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Chrome plated Super 80 in cream mounting ring Enlarge sprite.png

Super 80 pickups are a model of magnetic pickups for solid body electric guitars that are designed by and produced for Ibanez. They are covered humbuckers which have an etched design of a hand with butterfly wings. This design inspired the nickname Flying Finger. They were introduced at the 1976 NAMM show,[1]. It is believed that development may have begun as early as 1974 and that pre-production versions may have been used by artists associated with Ibanez such as Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia or Bobby Cochran.[2]

The Super 80 pickups were developed in the mid-1970s at the behest of Elger, which was Ibanez' American subsidiary. They were looking for a pickup that was more sensitive and easier to play than Ibanez' existing pickups such as the Super 70. The hand/butterfly design on the cover reflected these design goals.[1]

The Super 80 was available with either chrome or gold plated covers and in versions with either 2 or four conductors. They have been seen potted with beeswax or with either clear or opaque epoxy.

Super 80 specs

Super 80
Brand: Ibanez
Model no.: 2680-80 chrome 2-wire / 2680-81 gold 2-wire / 2680-85 chrome 4-wire / 2680-86 gold 4-wire
Year introduced: 1976
Construction: Humbucking
Position: Neck or bridge
Magnet: Ceramic
DC resistance: 7.9–8.2 KΩ (measured)[3]
Impedance: 263 KΩ[4]
Inductance: 4.35 Henries[4]
Resonant frequency: 8000 Hz[4]
Wiring: 2-conductor or 4-conductor
Used in: 2681 (reissue), AR2619, others...
Description: High output (at the time of their development) humbucking pickup with the rare combination of power and fidelity. Bright, punchy, clean and full. Both 2- and 4-conductor versions were produced. The 4-conductor versions could be coil-split, typically with the use of a Tri-sound switch.

A recent review in Music Radar describes the original Super 80s as "pretty poky, bright-voiced PAF-alikes."[5]


Super 80 Catalog.jpg
Late-1970s ad/catalog
AR2619 pickups closeup.jpg
Super 80 pickups on an AR2619
Super 80 gold.jpg
Gold plated Super 80 pickup in black mounting ring


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