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Sugi Musical Instruments Ltd. (Japanese: スギ・ミュージカル・インストゥルメンツ 有限会社) is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality hand-crafted guitars and basses. They produce some OEM guitars for Ibanez, specifically some high-end models in the J Custom line and some special artist signature models such as the JEM EVO.

Sugi is noted for their use of very fine and expensive materials such as swamp ash, quilted, flame and spalted maple, mahogany, ebony and cocobolo along with careful craftsmanship which results in the high quality sound of their instruments.


Sugi was founded in 2002 by Makoto "Nick" Sugimoto. Prior to founding Sugi, Sugimoto had worked for many years as head of R&D at FujiGen Gakki. In that capacity Sugimoto had lead the effort in 1987 to create the iconic JEM777 for Steve Vai. He had also worked for Hoshino USA.[1]

In addition to making guitars for Ibanez and selling instruments under its own brand, Sugi produces instruments for many other brands including Fender, Epiphone, Yamaha, Greco, Roland, Fernandes, Casio, Tobias and FujiGen.[1]


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