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1950s Series catalog to ACH-DS2
AR30 to Andy Timmons series
Arondite series to EMG 81
EMG 81-7 to GRGA32
GRGA32EX to Ibanez model numbers
Ibanez pickups to Lo-TRS tremolo system
Lo-Z to P:1989 Signature models
P:1990 AC models to P:2003 S Classic series
P:2003 S series to P:2010 AEG models
P:2010 AF models to P:2014 Artwood Vintage acoustic models
P:2014 Artwood Vintage series to P:2017 Coy Bowles models
P:2017 Dino Cazares models to P:2019 Paul Stanley models
P:2019 Paul Waggoner models to PP1-B
PP1-N to RG2750QV
RG2770FM to RG5SP1
RG5SP2 to RGDR4327
RGDR7UCS to S470 (1992–1999, Japan)
S470 (1995–2001, Korea) to SS140
SS300 to UV7S
UV (neck type) to Zero Resistance
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