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Ibanez Soundgear
Ibanez SR505
Code: SR
Period: 1987-Present
Related: SR Prestige Series, GSR Series, GSRM Series
Signature: -H. R. Giger series

In steady production since its introduction over 30 years ago, the Ibanez Soundgear (SR) series is a line of electric basses first sold in 1987. The SR bass replaced the popular RB "Roadstar II Bass" series, and, in fact the first production SR bodystyle is the next logical styling progression of the RB 850(Deluxe) Bass model. The 540R RADIUS was visually the 6-string partner of the RB850, and the two shared many traits that were incorporated into the SR, including the rounded-off angles, fully arched-top, slightly smaller size, and super-sleek lines. The main objective with the SR bass was to have a thin, fast, and smooth professional-grade bass that you could count on as much for the durability as the playability, and for the value as well as comfort. The body was thinned, subtracting weight & adding to its appeal, and the neck joint was redesigned adding stability & sustain.

Models in the SR line vary from just the bare basics and "starter" and student models, like the GSR, and GSRM,to rock-solid thru-necks, like the SRT Series, to exotic woods and hardware plated with precious metals, like the SR Prestige & SR Premium, And with just as large a variety of price ranges, from a couple hundred to several grand, anyone can easily find a few that will satisfy their musical needs AND respect their wallet, too.

The SR Prestige Series was released alongside the regular SR series in 1987. The SR series later introduced a line called the SR Premium Series. The SR Prestige & SR Premium series have some of the best bass guitars Ibanez can offer. The SR Prestige and SR Premium Series' by Ibanez feature only the finest quality craftsmanship & include Basses made at Fujigen Prestige Factory, Japan, and the Ibanez Premium Factory, Jawa Timur, Indonesia using only top-of-the-line components.

The GSR (Gio Soundgear) is a budget version of the standard SR bass. The GSR series is known for its light, easy to play basses and SR quality sound. The GSR series was released as a starter bass with SR features and an entry level price.

The GSRM (Gio SoundGear Mikro) is a smaller version of the GSR bass. It includes a shorter neck and a slightly smaller body. The GSRM series is designed for young bass players.

SR's have become rather famous for having that thin, fast neck, and the smooth, contoured body, and it is little wonder why this stylish series of super flexible Basses are often referred to as "SEXY".