The Short Stop II is a combination bridge and tailpiece produced for Ibanez and used on several models of Ibanez guitars. It was introduced in 1996 on the JS700, SF420 and SF420FM guitar models. It is also referred to as the CB-II or the CB2


Like its predecessor, the Short Stop, the Short Stop II integrates the function of the bridge and tailpiece into a single unit by both retaining the string and allowing adjustment for height and intonation.

Strings are retained by the ball end in six slots behind the bridge. The die-cast plate of the bridge is radiused to match the fretboard. The height of the bridge is adjusted by raising or lowering the pair of studs which are mounted into the guitar body. Six individual saddles can be adjusted fore and aft to set intonation and then are locked down with a screw. The height of the individual saddles is not adjustable.

The Short Stop II was discontinued after 2007.


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