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The S Classic (SC) series is a line of solid body electric guitar models produced for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The series was introduced in 1997 and produced through 2004.

The S Classic series follows the short-lived SF series as the second sub-series of Ibanez's S series guitars with a hard-tail bridge instead of a tremolo.

Most models in the S Classic series have a mahogany body which is inspired by the thin-edged S series shape but is slightly thicker and more rounded. This body can be described as a cross between the S series and the Radius series designs. The controls of the S Classic guitars are mounted from the top to significantly reduce the size of the control cavity and the reduction in wood that requires.

This new body is bolted to a slightly thicker neck than is found on the S series with a different headstock with a 3-on-a-side tuner configuration. The S Classic neck also has a shorter 25.1" (638mm) scale.

However there are a couple of outliers in the series that don't hew to the typical formula outlined above. The J Custom SC-GUT and the standard series SC500N are unique among Ibanez solid body electric guitars in that they employ nylon strings and piezo pickups. The SCR220 has a Radius series body with an S Classic neck. Finally the SCA220 features a body similar to that of the SA series, specifically the GSA60.