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The SZ series is a line of solid body electric guitar models produced by Ibanez which was introduced in 2003. It is the third series of Ibanez S series guitars with a hard-tail bridge instead of a tremolo. It spawned the similar SZR series in 2008.

SZ series

Like the SF and SC (or S Classic) series which preceded it, the SZ series is based on the sculpted mahogany-bodied S series, but with a fixed bridge. However, the SZ series represents an even bigger departure from the original "S" design. The SZ has a thicker body and flat back, a standard set-in neck and the Gibraltar III bridge also introduced in 2003. Like the SC, the SZ has a 25.1 inch scale neck instead of the 25.5 inch of the standard S.

For the SZ series, pickup manufacturer Seymour Duncan created two new sets of pickups: the Korean made Duncan/Ibanez pickups and the US made Seymour Duncan IBZ pickups used for Prestige models.

SZR series

In 2008, the SZR series was introduced. The SZR models have a pointier headstock and the SZR body has horns that are offset less than on the SZ. Only two SZR models, the SZR520 and SZR720, were produced before the line was discontinued after 2009.

The SZ series was discontinued altogether after 2013.