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For the earlier model with the same name, see SRAS7 (2017–2020).
2023 SRAS7 CBS 1P 06
SRAS7 Cosmic Blue Starburst Red copyright sprite

The SRAS7 is a seven string hybrid fretted/fretless Soundgear series solid body electric bass model re-introduced by Ibanez for 2023. It is also referred to as the Ashula SRAS7. It is made in Indonesia as part of the Ibanez Bass Workshop line.

The SRAS7 features a poplar burl and ash top on a double-cutaway mahogany body bolted to a seven-piece maple, rosewood, and purpleheart neck. The fretboard consists of a fretless upper (bass) section made of rosewood and an 22-fret lower (treble) section made of purpleheart with offset pearloid stadium position markers. Components include 2 Super J pick-ups and an AeroSilk piezo for the fretless part of the instrument as well as Mono-Rail V bridges with 16mm string spacing and a walnut finger rest. A pick-up selector allows the user to switch between regular pick-ups, piezo, or mix.


Specifications for SRAS7 (2023–2024)
Model name: SRAS7 (2023–2024)
Year(s) offered: 2023–2024
Sold in: Americas & Oceania / Asia & Africa / China / Europe / Japan / USA
Made in: Indonesia
Price: MSRP: JP¥ 195,000 (2024)[1] / US$1,999.99 (2024)[2] • SMAP: US$1,499.99 (2024)[2]
Finish(es): Cosmic Blue Starburst (CBS)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
Okoume w/ poplar burl and ash top
Neck joint:
Mono-rail V w/ AeroSilk piezos on three upper strings (16mm string spacing)
Knob style:
Knurled metal dome
Hardware color:
Neck type:
Neck material:
7-piece maple/ walnut/ bubinga
Scale length:
864mm / 34"
Fingerboard material:
Indian rosewood (fretted) and bubinga (fretless)
Fingerboard inlays:
Pearloid offset stadium
22 / medium nickel silver
Black plastic (63mm)
Machine heads:
Ibanez GB7 die-cast
Electronics/ Strings
Bridge pickup:
SRAS Super J bridge passive
Neck pickup:
SRAS Super J neck passive
Ibanez BEQ3 2-band EQ
Magnetic pickup volume / magnetic balancer / piezo pickup volume / 3-way magnetic/mix/piezo toggle / piezo tone / treble (magnetic) / bass (magnetic)
Output jack:
¼" stereo barrel (angled face mount)
String gauge (factory):
.045/.065/.085/.105 D'Addario roundwound (fretted) | .045/.065/.080 D'Addario flatwound (fretless)
Factory tuning:


Additional details
2023 SRAS7 CBS 1P 06 back
2023 SRAS7 CBS 1P 06 front-3-4
Front ¾ view
2023 SRAS7 CBS 1P 06 body-front
Body front
2023 SRAS7 CBS 1P 06 body-back
Body rear
2023 SRAS7 body
Poplar burl & ash top
2023 SRAS7 neck
7-piece neck
2023 SRAS7 bridge
Mono-rail bridges
2023 SRAS7 fretboard
Fretted & fretless fingerboards
2023 SRAS7 fingerrest
Removable finger rest
Controls SRAS7
Controls layout
Frequency response SDB
Frequency response chart


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