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The SA series is a line of solid body electric guitars produced by Hoshino Gakki for the Ibanez brand. The first SA models were introduced in 2000 as a moderately priced entry point into the S series. The SA line has been produced continuously since. The most common word Ibanez uses to describe the SA line is "versatile"; it can accommodate a large array of musical styles.

The SA is derived from the S series. The most notable difference from the S series is that while the SA series body retains the S series' arched top, the SA body has a flat back and thus is not as thin overall. Most SA models also are equipped with a non-locking, synchonized, floating tremolo bridge. Aside from a handful of outliers, all SA models have either an HSS (one humbucker and two single coils) or a dual-humbucker pickup configuration.


The SA series was introduced in 2000 as a moderately priced entry point into the S series. The initial models were the SA160, SA260, GSA20 and GSA60, the latter two as part of Ibanez' entry-level GIO line. Other than components the GIO SA models are distinguished by a straight headstock instead of the tilt design of the non-GIO models as well as the output jack placement on the side of the body rather than an angled port on the top of the guitar as with the other S and SA models.[1][2]


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