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The SAT-10 is a type of synchronized tremolo bridge sourced on Ibanez guitars. It was introduced in 2002.

The SAT-10 is a non-locking 2-point tremolo, which means that it pivots on a knife edge which floats against a pair of studs mounted in the guitar top. The knife edges are integrated into the tremolo base plate.

The bridge has six independent saddles which can be moved forward and backward to adjust intonation using spring-loaded screws running through the back of the tremolo base. The saddles have different heights (lower on the outside and higher on the inside) to match the fretboard radius, but they are not independently adjustable for height. The height of the entire tremolo can be adjusted by raising or lowering the tremolo studs. Strings are loaded through the cast block. String tension is balanced through the use of three springs attached to an adjustable claw.

The SAT-10 has been used on a small number of SA series guitar models, particularly those in the affordable GIO line. The "SAT" in the name stands for "Satellite".[1]

The part number of the SAT-10 tremolo is 2SA1C10C. It is available only with a chrome finish.

The SAT30 is a similar bridge used on slightly more expensive guitars.


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