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The Roadcore series or RC series is a line of solid and semi-hollow bodies electric guitars produced for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The first model in the series was introduced in late 2012.

The Roadcore is distinguished by a new retro-inspired offset double-cutaway body shape which is a bit reminiscent of the shape of the Talman series or the FR series. These guitars can be loosely compared to the Fender Telecaster or the Jaguar. The bodies feature dual bindings (front and back) along with a traditional neck joint with a metal plate which further lend a vintage vibe.

The necks of the Roadcore guitars feature a round profile with a 25½" (648mm) scale and a 9½" (240mm) radius fretboard which complete the vintage package.

For 2019 all of the standard Roadcore models were discontinued; the only remaining Roadcore guitar in the lineup is the CMM3 Chris Miller signature model.


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