1995 TC620-resoncast RM
A Talman TC620 with a resoncast body Red copyright sprite

Resoncast is a type of wood-based material which has been used in the construction of bodies for electric guitars and basses. It was used by Ibanez for a variety of RG, RX and Talman series guitars produced in the late 1990s. The name of the material is sometimes represented as Reson-Cast

Resoncast is basically just a marketing term to describe medium-density fibreboard, which is commonly known as MDF.[1] MDF consists of wood fiber, resin glue and paraffin wax which are formed into panels under high temperature and pressure.[2] The MDF which Ibanez used consisted primarily of alder sawdust.[1]

The stated reason for employing resoncast was to emulate the tone of the old composite Danelectro guitars, but a key benefit is that it kept production costs down at a time when the Japanese yen was strong compared to other currencies.[1]

Guitar bodies made out of resoncast tend to be heavier in comparison to bodies made out of common wood.

Luthite is another synthetic material that has been used in a similar manner.


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