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The RT series is a line of solid body electric guitars produced by Hoshino Gakki and introduced in 1992 under the Ibanez brand. The RT was Ibanez' initial reaction to the "alternative" music scene which rose in the early 1990s.

The RT was a "retro" version of the RG. They have an RG-shaped body, but are generally made of alder and have U-shaped Viper necks with rounder fretboard radii, traditional tremolos in place of the RG's Floyd Rose-style double locking designs and lower-output vintage pickups. They are somewhat reminiscent of a traditional Fender Stratocaster and the other "pawn shop" models that were being used by popular bands like Nirvana. The RT line included models with HSS and HSH pickup configurations.


The initial RT models which came out in 1992 were the RT140, RT150, RT240, RT450 and RT650GF. In 1993 the RT250 and twelve-string RT452 were added. The entire RT line was discontinued after 1993 with the introduction for 1994 of the Talman and Ghostrider series, which carried on the "retro" mantle.

Ibanez endorser Andy Timmons played customized RT models until the introduction of his signature AT100 in 1999. The Andy Timmons series can be considered a spiritual continuation of the RT range.

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