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The RGD series is a line of electric guitars produced by Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The series was introduced in 2010.

The RGD models feature a new body style. The new style is based on the traditional Ibanez RG, but has a beveled body cut and extra deep horn cut. RGD models also feature an extra long 26.5" (672mm) scale neck. With the long scale, the RGD models generally appeal to players who want to tune their guitar down, particularly those who play mostly metal.


In 2010, at the Summer NAMM Show, the first RGD models were introduced. These models were the six-string RGD320 with a tremolo bridge and its hard-tail sibling, the RGD321. Two Prestige models were also introduced: the six-string RGD2120Z and its seven-string sibling, the RGD2127Z.

In 2011, the RGD320Z was introduced as a replacement model for the RGD320. This new model replaced the original Edge III tremolo with the new Edge Zero II tremolo. Also introduced with the RGD320Z was a similar seven-string version, the RGD7320Z. Both models eventually had the "Z"s dropped from their model names in some promotional material, and became more commonly known as the "newer" RGD320 and the RGD7320. The RGD7320Z also had its hard-tail version introduced that same year, known as the RGD7321.

In 2012, all the standard models were discontinued and all but one were replaced with new models. The RGD7320Z was discontinued, but it never received a replacement model. The RGD320 was replaced with the RGD420Z, the RGD321 was replaced with the RGD421, and the RGD7321 was replaced with the RGD7421. All the replacement models had the tone knob and pickup selector removed, and featured the new EQ switch which activates a mid-cut. The RGD signature check mark inlays were also replaced with black pearl dot inlays.

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