1999 RG6CST
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The RG6CST is an RG series solid body electric guitar introduced by Ibanez in 1999. It was made in Japan by FujiGen as part of the high end J Custom line. It is one of a limited number of J Custom models that was offered for sale worldwide.

This model was also known as the RG-PB1. A very similar model with a different finish is the RG-PB2. These models are identical except for the fret wire.

The RG6CST features a mahogany body with a 3mm thick swamp ash top (which is variously listed as light ash) bolted to a maple Ultra neck with a 24-fret ebony fingerboard with no inlays. Components include a double locking tremolo bridge with integrated L.R. Baggs piezo pickups (which allow an acoustic-like tone), dual DiMarzio humbucking pickups and Gotoh tuning machines.

The RG6CST has dual output jacks. A small push-button controls these outputs. When this switch is in the up position the signal is split with the piezo going only to the upper jack and the magnetic pickup signal going only to the lower jack. When the push-button switch is down the upper jack is disabled and the lower jack provides signal from either the piezo or magnetic pickups based on the position of the 2-way mini toggle switch.

As wired from the factory there is no ability to mix the piezo and magnetic signals through a single jack. A popular aftermarket modification (known as the KJG mod) replaces the 2-way toggle with a 3-way on/on/on toggle which allows the player to send either the piezo, magnetic or both signals to a single jack.[1]

The RG7CST is a similar seven string model with a flame maple top.

The RG6CST was produced in limited numbers (perhaps as few as 24 units) and it was made only in 1999.


Specifications for the RG6CST/ RG-PB1/ RG-PB2
Model name: RG6CST/ RG-PB1/ RG-PB2
Year(s) produced: 1999
Sold in: Worldwide
Made in: Japan
Finish(es): DBF / Transparent Light Blue (TLB) RG-PB2 / Walnut Flat (WNF)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
Mahogany w/ 3mm swamp ash (or light ash) top
Neck joint:
Double Lo Pro Edge tremolo w/ piezo
Hardware color:
Cosmo black
Neck type:
RG J Custom Ultra
Neck material:
3-piece maple
Scale length:
648mm/ 25½"
Fingerboard material:
Fingerboard inlays:
RG-PB1: 24 / jumbo (SBB216-195)
RG-PB2: 24 / jumbo (SBB215-175)
Top-Lok III
Machine heads:
Gotoh SG38
Pickup configuration:
HH w/ L.R. Baggs piezos
Bridge pickup:
DiMarzio Tone Zone (H)
Neck pickup:
DiMarzio PAF Pro (H)
Magnetic pickups: Volume / tone / 5-way selector
Piezo: Volume
Output Selection: Jack select push-button / 2-way mini-toggle mag/piezo selector
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  1. KJG piezo wiring mod diagram, Kevan J. Geier, archived January 2003
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