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RG560 Carotene Orange [Maple fingerboard] (more images) Red copyright sprite.png

The RG560 is an RG series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in 1988. It was originally part of the Roadstar II series which became the RG line. It was made in Japan by FujiGen.

The RG560 features a basswood body bolted to a maple Wizard neck with a 24-fret fingerboard with dot position markers. Components include Ibanez pickups with a humbucker at the bridge and single-coils in the neck and middle positions, an Edge double locking tremolo bridge with a locking nut and Gotoh tuning machines. It is one of relatively few RG models with the humbucker/single/single pickup configuration.

The RG560L is a left-handed version. The RG560FM is a similar model with a flame maple veneer on the front and back of the body. The RG565 is a similar model without the middle pickup and with a reverse headstock. The RG570 is a similar model with a humbucking pickup in the neck position (HSH configuration). The RG550 is a related model with an HSH pickup configuration and a pickguard. A special edition RG560 with a reverse headstock and maple fretboard was offered to commemorate the 27th anniversary of Guitar Center in 1991.

For 1990, the volume pot was relocated slightly further from the bridge pickup to prevent interference with the tremolo bar. The pickups also received a visual update with new logos. For 1992 the Edge tremolo was replaced with the new Lo-Pro Edge.

The RG560 was discontinued after 1992. Another regular production HSS RG model wasn't offered until the RG2560ZEX in 2010.


Specifications for RG560
Model name: RG560
Year(s) produced: 1988–1992
Sold in: Worldwide
Made in: Japan
Finish(es): Black (BK) / Candy Apple (CA) 1992 / Carotene Orange (CO) 1989 / Five Alarm Red (FA) 1988–1989 / Grape Ice (GI) 1990–1991 / Jewel Blue (JB) 1991–1992 / Lipstick Red (LR) 1988–1991 / Purple Neon (PN) 1990–1992 / Violet Pearl (VP) 1988–1989 / White (WH)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
1990 Japan only: Basswood or Campwood
Neck joint:
Tilt Joint
1988–1991: Edge tremolo
1992: Lo-Pro Edge tremolo (10.8mm string spacing)
Knob style:
Tek Grip
Hardware color:
Neck type:
Neck material:
1988–1991: 1-piece maple
1992: 1-piece quartersawn maple
Scale length:
648mm/ 25½"
Fingerboard material:
1988–1989: Maple or rosewood (see below)
1990–1992: Rosewood
Fingerboard inlays:
Pearl dot
24 / jumbo
Top-Lok III
Machine heads:
Gotoh SG38 (non-locking)
Electronics/ Strings
Pickup configuration:
Bridge pickup:
Ibanez V2 (H)
Middle pickup:
Ibanez S1 (S)
Neck pickup:
Ibanez S1 (S)
Master volume / master tone / 5-way lever pickup selector
String gauge (factory):
Factory tuning:
1E,2B,3G,4D,5A,6E (E Std.)

Fretboard material

In 1988 and 1989, the RG560 was offered with a choice of rosewood or maple fingerboard. These are distinguished by a suffix on the model name: RG560R and RG560M.

From 1990 all RG560s had rosewood fingerboards.


RG560 rear.jpg
1990 Ibanez RG560 CO ( Rear: Basswood body / Tilt Joint 1-piece maple Wizard neck & Gotoh SG38 tuners) Red copyright sprite.png
Additional finishes/ details
1988 RG560 BK.png
1992 RG560 CA.png
Candy Apple
1988 RG560 FA.png
Five Alarm [Red] (rosewood)
1989 RG560M FA.png
Five Alarm [Red] (maple)
RG560 GI Maple.jpg
Grape Ice (maple)
1990 RG560 GI.png
Grape Ice (rosewood)
1991 RG560 JB.png
Jewel Blue
RG560 LR.jpg
Lipstick Red
1990 RG560 PN.png
Purple Neon
1988 RG560 VP.png
Violet Pearl
1988 RG560M WH.png
White (maple)
1991 RG560 WH.png
White (rosewood)
HSS 5-way split.png
Pickup switching diagram
Controls VT5.png
Control layout


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