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The RG550 model name has been applied to several distinct RG series guitar models.

All of these models share several basic traits: RG-style body and pickguard-mounted pickups in a humbucker/ single-coil/ humbucker configuration. Unless noted below these models also have a basswood body, maple fretboard, a double locking tremolo bridge and black pickguard.

RG550 commonly refers to one of these models:

Left-handed versions of the RG550 include:

Other RG550 variants and tributes include:

  • RGP550 (1991–1992); clear pickguard and rear control cavity, rosewood fretboard, Edge tremolo
  • RG5000 (1991–1992); mirrored pickguard, color-matched dot fretboard inlays and knobs
  • RG550DX (1992–1993); "deluxe" version w/ colored mirror pickguard, maple fretboard, dot inlays; Lo-Pro Edge tremolo
  • RG550LTD (1994–1999); "limited" version w/ colored or hologram mirror pickguard, bound rosewood fretboard, sharktooth inlays; Lo-Pro Edge tremolo
  • RG550R (1995–1996); rosewood fretboard
  • RG550EX (2000–2002); mirrored pickguard; rosewood fretboard w/ dot inlays; Edge tremolo
  • RG550RXX (2007); rosewood fretboard, 20th anniversary reissue
  • RG550MXX (2007); maple fretboard, 20th anniversary reissue
  • RG1XXV (2012)
  • RG2XXV (2012)
  • RG550XH (2013–2015); 30 frets
  • RG550DX (2019-2020); Genesis Collection reissue; granadillo fretboard w/ binding and sharktooth inlays, black pickguard, tilt neck joint, Edge tremolo, Ibanez V7/S1/V8 pickups

The RG550 lineage was carried on by several Prestige models, including:

  • RG1550 (2003–2004); Edge Pro tremolo; Ibanez V7/S1/V8 pickups
  • RG1550GX (2003); gold hardware, white pearloid pickguard, rosewood fretboard, Edge Pro tremolo; Ibanez V7/S1/V8 pickups
  • RG1550FM (2004); mahogany body w/ flamed maple top, gold hardware, black pickguard, rosewood fretboard, Edge Pro tremolo; Ibanez V7/S1/V8 pickups
  • RG1550M (2009); Edge Pro tremolo; Ibanez V7/S1/V8 pickups
  • RG1550ML (2009); left-handed version of the RG1550M
  • RG1550MZ (2010–2011); Edge Zero tremolo; Ibanez V7/S1/V8 pickups
  • RG1550MZL (2010–2011); left-handed version of the RG1550MZ
  • RG1550MV (2013–2015); alder body, SynchroniZR non-locking tremolo; Ibanez V7/S1/V8 pickups
  • RG655 (2014–2017); rosewood fretboard; Edge tremolo; Wizard HP neck
  • RG655M (2015–2017); Edge tremolo; Wizard HP neck
  • RG655L (2016–2017); lefty version of RG655

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