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The Quik Change II is a stop tailpiece used to retain the guitar strings on various hard-tail Ibanez models. It is designed by Ibanez and produced for Ibanez by Gotoh.

It was introduced around 1983 as a replacement for the Gibraltar (a.k.a. original Quik Change) tailpiece. The most notable physical difference between the two is that while the original tailpiece was held with a pair of hex nuts to a pair of studs mounted directly into the body, the new version used a slotted screw design with anchors recessed into the guitar top.

Quik Change II.png

The Quik Change II is attached to the guitar top and retains the strings at the bridge end. Ball end strings can be quickly fed into the tailpiece and once attached to the tuning machine are held securely by the ball. The height of the mounting posts is adjustable.

The Quik Change II relies on a separate bridge which allows the string height and intonation to be adjusted. It is often used in conjunction with a Gibraltar II Tune-O-Matic style bridge.

The Quik Change III replaced the Quik Change II in the early 2000s.

Guitar models with a Quik Change II include various Artist series models and Artist derivatives (e.g. AX1220) as well as a handful of others. For a full list of models using the Quik Change II, see here.

The Ibanez part number for the Quik Change II is 2QC1JQ2C (chrome) or 2QC1JQ2G (gold).


Length: 100mm
Width: 17mm
Height: 13mm
Post width (hole center to hole center): 82mm
Post hole diameter: 8mm


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