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The Q series is a line of Headless solid body electric guitars produced by Hoshino Gakki and introduced by Ibanez in July 2021.

The Q or Quest series is an entirely new concept for Ibanez.The Q (Quest) Series represents one of the biggest electric guitar design shifts in Ibanez entire history. Developed from the ground up, these cutting-edge instruments feature "headless" necks, ergonomically-shaped bodies and versatile electronics. This makes them hugely appealing to modern and progressive players, those who seek compact and comfortable guitars that can keep up with the increasingly technical and flamboyant styles spreading across modern rock and metal music.

Apart from their ergonomic allure, these forward-thinking models also boast a number of additional unique elements in order to maximize tone, performance and playability. This includes proprietary pickups, 'dyna-MIX' switching systems, highly-adjustable 'Mono Tone' bridges and custom string-locking mechanisms that accommodate almost any brand of strings or gauge unlike some headless instruments made by alternative brands.

While the Ibanez Q Series will satisfy any headless guitar enthusiast, these models make players of all disciplines question the full scope of their creative potential.

The standard Q Series guitars are the most accessible, with their straight-fret fingerboards offering a familiar feel for traditionalists. This range features a number of unique elements intended to maximize tone, performance, and playing comfort. These include, custom designed R1 single coil and Q58 humbucker pickups, a new Mono-Tune bridge, and a proprietary custom string locking mechanism.

The QX subseries is also equipped with innovative 8-degree inward slanted frets. The X stands for x-tra comfortable. The QX sub-series allows more adventurous and technically-proficient guitarists to make full use of their skills, featuring flat-radius, 8-degree slanted-fret fingerboards that accommodate the natural inward tilt of your fingers.