P-bass pickups
Typical set of P-bass pickups for a four string bass Red copyright sprite

Precision bass pickups or P-bass pickups are one of two main types of magnetic pickups used in electric bass guitars. A typical P-bass pickup consists of two independent coils which are mounted to separate bass plates and covers which are positioned in the instrument side-by-side and offset.

Precision bass pickups are a form of humbucking pickup which were introduced in 1951 on the Fender Precision Bass. The split-coil design which typifies the P-bass was introduced a few years later.

Each P-bass coil typically consists of four pole pieces. The two coils are mounted separately, but are generally wired together to form a single unit.

The other type of magnetic pickup commonly found in electric bass guitars is the Jazz bass pickup or J bass pickup which employs a single coil. The P bass pickup typically offers a more deep and thumpy bass-heavy tone compared to the J bass's smoother, brighter and richer tone in the treble and midrange.


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