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The Powerocker Special tremolo is a guitar bridge developed and manufactured for Ibanez. It is a version of the Powerocker bridge which was customized for use on British guitarist Allan Holdsworth's signature AH10 and AH20 models. It debuted in 1985 and was also referred to as the Powerocker Custom.

The Powerocker Special is a non-locking synchronized tremolo. It differs from the Powerocker on which it is based in a number of ways:

  • it has an aluminum block (rather than cast zinc)
  • it has narrower string spacing
  • it has a shorter 150mm tremolo arm
  • it has a black chrome finish

Aside from these changes, the Powerocker Special is similar to the regular Powerocker. In addition to the Holdsworth guitars, the Powerocker Special was used on a small handful of other models such as the RG50, RG52 and RG53.

The Powerocker Special was retired after 1987 when the Holdsworth models were discontinued.

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