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Code: SC
Period: 1997–2004
Total models: 12
Related: S series / SV series
More about the S Classic series

The S Classic (SC) series is a line of solid body electric guitar models produced for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The series was introduced in 1997 and produced through 2004.

The S Classic series follows the short-lived SF series as the second sub-series of Ibanez's S series guitars with a hard-tail bridge instead of a tremolo.

Most models in the S Classic series have a mahogany body which is inspired by the thin-edged S series shape but is slightly thicker and more rounded. This body can be described as a cross between the S series and the Radius series designs. The controls of the S Classic guitars are mounted from the top to significantly reduce the size of the control cavity and the reduction in wood that requires.

This new body is bolted to a slightly thicker neck than is found on the S series with a different headstock with a 3-on-a-side tuner configuration. The S Classic neck also has a shorter 25.1" (638mm) scale. (more...)

S Classic models by line

J Custom line (Go to page)
SC-GUT (1997)
SC-PB1 (1999)
1998 SC3020 NT.png
SC3020 (1998)
1998 SC3120 NT.jpg
SC3120 (1998)
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1999 SC1620 VV.png
SC1620 (1999–2000)
Standard line 
2004 SCA220 CB.jpg
SCA220 (2000–2004)
SCR220 NB.jpg
SCR220 (1999)
1999 SC320 BK.png
SC320 (1999)
2003 SC420 BC.jpg
SC420 (1997–2003)
2002 SC420CM DBL.jpg
SC420CM (1999–2002)
1998 SC500N NT.png
SC500N (1998–2000)
1997 SC620 AMP.jpg
SC620 (1997–2000)

S Classic models by year

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