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Code: RR / RVX / VBT / PR
Period: 1972–1978, 1982–1986, 2005–2007
Total models: 14
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More about the Rocket Roll series

The Rocket Roll series is a line of solid body electric guitars manufactured for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The Rocket Roll style debuted in the early 1970s. It is inspired by the Gibson Flying V design.

The Rocket Roll models are also considered to be part of the Ibanez X series. Ibanez introduced the X series as a collection of 'extreme' shaped guitars in 1983. (more...)

Rocket Roll and other Vee-shaped models

Rocket Roll models 
1974 2387-2387DX CH.png
2387 (1972–1976)
1976 24387CT NT.jpg
2387CT (1975–1978)
1974 2387-2387DX CH.png
2387DX (1972–1976)
1985 RR1000 WH.jpg
RR1000 (1985)
1983 RR550 CS.jpg
RR550 (1983–1984)
1982 RR400 CS.jpg
RR400 (1982)
1986 RR250 PL.png
RR250 (1986)
1983 RR150 BY.jpg
RR150 (1983–1984)
1982 RR50 FR.jpg
RR50 (1982)
Pro Line model (Go to page)
1986 PL2660 PL.png
PL2660 (1986)
1985 PR1660 PW.png
PR1660 (1985)
RVX models 
RVX220 BK.jpg
RVX220 (2005)
RVX220DX BK.jpg
RVX220DX (2006)
VBT models 
VBT700 WH.jpg
VBT700 (2007)

Rocket Roll and other Vee-shaped models by year

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