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Code: R
Period: 1987–1994
Related: Roadstar Pro series / Power series / S series
Signature models: Joe Satriani
More about the Radius series

The Radius (R) series is a line of solid body electric guitars produced for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The initial Radius models were introduced in 1987.

The Radius body features an offset double cutaway shape with an aerofoil profile which is thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top. It has a flat areas in the center of the top and back flowing into gently rounded edges on the perimeter. The other innovation that was introduced with the Radius is the tilt neck joint, which would be used on the early RG models.

The 540R was the first Saber model, introduced in 1987. The 540S was offered as part of the Roadstar Pro series which supplanted the Pro Line series. The initial Roadstar Pro lineup consisted of five new original body shapes: the Radius, the Saber (or S), the Power, the Turbot and the Ballback. The Roadstar Pro designation was phased out between 1990 and 1992 in favor of separate designations for the S series, Power series and Radius; the Turbot and Ballback were abandoned after just one year. (more...)

Radius models

Radius models 
R314 BS.jpg
R314 (1992–1993)
R334 TB.jpg
R334 (1992–1993)
R354GF AV.jpg
R354GF (1992–1993)
R355GF BS.jpg
R355GF (1993)
1992 440R TB.png
440R (1988–1992)
440RHH MG.jpg
440RHH (1988–1992)
442R TS.jpg
442R (1992)
R470 JBB.jpg
R470 (1992–1993)
1993 RV470 GFT.png
RV470 (1993)
540R JR.jpg
540R (1987–1994)
540RHH JB.jpg
540RHH (1988–1992)
540RS BB.jpg
540RS (1991–1992)
R540LTD JB.jpg
R540LTD (1991–1993)
542R BU.jpg
542R (1992)

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