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Period: 2016–2017
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The RGV series is a line of electric guitars produced for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The series was introduced in 2016.

The RGV models feature the traditional Ibanez RG body, but the aesthetics and components are designed to appeal to those who lean toward a "vintage" vibe (hence the "V"?). Ibanez' promotional materials stress the series' versatility (another "V"). The initial models offer vintage features like a bone nut, tortoiseshell pickguard, a ball-bearing equipped synchronized tremolo bridge and a humbucking neck pickup which can be coil tapped to deliver a traditional Stratocaster single-coil tone. (more...)

RGV models

RGV models 
2016 RGV3750D BK.png
RGV3750D (2016–2017)
2016 RGV3750BD OL.png
RGV3750BD (2016–2017)
2018 RGV8570 CBB.jpg
RGV8570 (2018)

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