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Code: PF
Period: 1978–1982
Total models: 12
Related: Concert / Artist
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The Performer series is a line of solid body electric guitar models produced by Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. It was introduced in 1978 and offered for a period of five years until 1982.

The Performer series are part of Ibanez's attempt in the late 1970's (eventually spurred on by a lawsuit from Gibson) to move away from making direct copies of competitor's guitars. While the Performer series is plainly inspired by Gibson's iconic Les Paul model, there are enough subtle differences that no one would easily confuse one for the other. Among these differences are a very slight "cutaway" on the upper horn and a different headstock shape from Gibson's "open book" design.

The Concert series guitars are similar, but with a double-cutaway body style. The Artist series are also somewhat related, also with double-cutaway bodies for the most part.

The Performer series was discontinued after 1982. (more...)

Performer models

Performer models 
1982 PF360 YS.jpg
PF360 (1982)
1981 PF350 CW.jpg
PF350 (1979–1981)
1980 PF350L CS.jpg
PF350L (1980)
1978 PF230 MO.jpg
PF230 (1978–1979)
PF200L (1978–1979)
1982 PF160 CW.jpg
PF160 (1982)
1980 PF150 CW.jpg
PF150 (1979–1981)
1981 PF150L BK.jpg
PF150L (1980–1981)

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