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Code: PGM / FRM
Period: 1989–2020
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More about the Paul Gilbert series

The Paul Gilbert series is a Signature line of solid body electric guitar models offered by Ibanez. It is the signature guitar series of Paul Gilbert, an American guitarist best known for his work with Racer X, Mr. Big and a number of solo albums. The series consists of two different types: the PGM guitars are primarily based on the RG series body style and are easily identifiable by their unique painted "F-holes" while the FRM or Fireman series utilize an upside-down Iceman series body designed by Gilbert. (more...)

Main models 
PGM100 JB.jpg
PGM100 (1989–1993)
PGM200 FB.jpg
PGM200 (1990–1991)
PGM300 WH.gif
PGM300 (1991–2004)
PGM301 WH.gif
PGM301 (2003–2008)
PGM400 CA.gif
PGM400 (1993)
PGM401 TFB.gif
PGM401 (2009–2010)
PGM500 CA.gif
PGM500 (1993–1999)
PGM600 JB.gif
PGM600 (1994–1996)
PGM700 WH.gif
PGM700 (1996)
PGM800 BRS.gif
PGM800 (1996–1999)
PGM80P NT.jpg
PGM80P (2015–2017)
PGM900 TR.gif
PGM900 (1997–1999)
Fireman models 
PGMFRM1 (2009)
PGMFRM2 (2009)
FRM100 TR.png
FRM100 (2011–2014)
FRM150 TR.png
FRM150 (2015–2017)
2018 FRM200 WHB 4L 01.png
FRM200 (2018-2020)
Anniversary models 
PGM90HAM (Hoshino's 90th in 1998)
PGM10TH NT.jpg
PGM10TH (Series' 10th in 2002)
PGM100RE JB.jpg
PGM100RE (Series' 20th in 2009)
PGM300RE WH.gif
PGM300RE (Series' 20th in 2009)
FRM250 MF.jpg
FRM250MF (Series' 25th in 2014)
2019 PGM333 00 01.png
PGM333 (Series' 30th in 2019)
Budget models 
PGM30 WH.jpg
PGM30 (1995–2003)
PGM3 WH.gif
PGM3 (2002–2010)
2019 PGMM21 MGN 2Y 01.png
PGGM21 miKro (2019–2020)
2017 PGMM31 WH 2Y 01.png
PGGM31 miKro (2017–2020)
Acoustic model 
PGA1000 (1998–1999)

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