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Code: PM
Period: 1996–2021
Total models: 6
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More about the Pat Metheny series

The Pat Metheny series is a line of hollow body six-string electric guitar models manufactured for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. It is a signature series for American jazz guitarist and composer Pat Metheny. The initial model in the line, the PM100, was introduced for 1996.

The initial flagship PM100 is a full-sized, full-hollow jazz box, with a distinctive double cutaway design with pointed horns and only a single neck pickup. The PM120 has a similar body, adding a second pickup. These two models were discontinued in the early 2010s. The remaining four models, including the current flagship PM200 and three more affordable models all share a more traditional single-cutaway design.  (more...)

Pat Metheny series timeline


Pat Metheny models

Pat Metheny models 
2005 PM100 BK 00 06.jpg
PM100 (1996–2013)
1997 PM20 NT.png
PM20 (1997–1999)
2011 PM120 NT 00 06.jpg
PM120 (2000–2013)
2008 PM35 NT 12 01.jpg
PM35 (2008–2012)
2013 PM2 AA 12 01.png
PM2 (2013–2020)
2019 PM200 NT 00 01 en 1.png
PM200 (2013–2021)