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Code: MFM
Period: 2006–2008
Total models: 2
Related: SZ series / Signature series
More about the Marty Friedman series

The Marty Friedman Model , or MFM series is the signature guitar line of Marty Friedman. Friedman is an American guitarist who is best known as a former lead/rhythm guitarist for the thrash metal band Megadeth for close to ten years. He now resides in Japan. He hosted his own television programs, Rock Fujiyama and Jukebox English on Japanese television.

Before switching over to Ibanez Marty Friedman played Jackson guitars. He was responsible for popularizing the now highly acclaimed Jackson Kelly guitar. In 2003 Marty inked an endorsement deal with Ibanez guitars and started using and promoting the new SZ series guitars. In 2006 the first MFM was released based on the SZ guitar. (more...)

Marty Friedman models 
MFM1 BBL.jpg
MFM1 (2006–2007 )
MFM2 LRD.jpg
MFM2 (2007–2008 )

Marty Friedman models by year

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2008 (Go to page)
MFM2 LRD.jpg
MFM2 (Marty Friedman)
2007 (Go to page)
MFM1 BBL.jpg
MFM1 (Marty Friedman)
MFM2 LRD.jpg
MFM2 (Marty Friedman)new
2006 (Go to page)
MFM1 BBL.jpg
MFM1 (Marty Friedman)new