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Code: LB
Period: 2021
Total models: 1
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More about the Lari Basilio series

The Lari Basilio series is a Signature line of solid body electric guitar models offered by Ibanez. It is the signature guitar series of Brazilian guitarist Lari Basilio.

Basilio is the third female artist with a signature model from Ibanez, joining Nita Strauss and Yvette Young. (more...)

Lari Basilio models 
2021 LB1 VL 00 01.png
LB1 (2021)

Lari Basilio models by year

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2021 (Go to page)
2021 LB1 VL 00 01.png
LB1 (Lari Basilio)new

List of the sole model in the Lari Basilio series


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